Sustainability Database

The Sustainability Database developed by SAGA consolidates various sources of airport-related sustainability practices into one document, streamlining the ability to search, evaluate, and then implement sustainable practices.  The database provides the industry with a compendium of airport sustainability practices that can be searched and organized to correspond to the sustainability goals of airports of all types and sizes. 

The database identifies sustainable airport practices, including policies, technologies, and strategies that may help a database user (e.g., an airport, contractor, or tenant) achieve sustainability goals.  Whether an airport has a project planned, has just begun contemplating improvements, has already started construction, or desires to improve day-to-day operations or maintenance practices, the SAGA Sustainability Database is a valuable resource to aid in sustainability planning.  The database can be tailored to the unique requirements of individual airports, but can also be shared by all airports to improve industry-wide knowledge of sustainable practices and to encourage an increased level of implementation.

DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this document and accompanying database is intended as a comprehensive resource of options for airport operators to use in evaluating and selecting the sustainable practices that may be applicable within the unique circumstances of each airport.  This is intended to be a broad set of well-defined measures and guidelines on sustainability in the airport environment; however, the appropriateness of any individual practice or set of practices for any individual airport should be determined by the airport operator. Also, this information is intended to supplement, not replace, existing sustainability measures or guidance that an airport operator may choose to use, such as the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (USGBC LEED®) guidance. For further clarification on the successful implementation of the measures presented within this document and future iterations of this document, SAGA suggests that airport operators contact those airports that are referenced as having implemented that measure.

Click HERE to download the database as an Excel Spreadsheet.