Sustainable Aviation Resources

Sustainable Aviation Resource Guide:  Planning, Implementing and Maintaining a Sustainability Program at Airports

This document will help guide any airport operator in the evaluation and selection of sustainable practices at their airport.  The Guide comprises four sections: 

  • Section 1: Defining Sustainability. This section explores the definition of airport sustainability, the importance of sustainability in the airport community, and the benefits of sustainability.  It also examines how sustainability can be measured through metrics developed by an airport operator or other party.
  • Section 2: Planning, Implementing, Improving and/or Maintaining a Sustainability Program. This section lays out a path for airport operators to implement or build upon their sustainability program, including advice on building a sustainability team at their airport. The section also advises on approaches to sustainability, such as the use of a management system and looks at ways to integrate the airport sustainability program into the larger community.
  • Section 3: Sustainability Program Examples. The third section demonstrates how airports can execute the management system defined in section 2 and presents two example pilot projects for airports.

Click HERE to download the guidebook. 


Database of Sustainable Practices 

SAGA developed a consolidated collection of over 900 existing sustainability measures undertaken at airports in North America.  Users are able to search for specific examples based on a broad range of criteria.  The database is available in two formats:  an online, interactive database and excel.

Click HERE to access the database.