Aviation SustainabilityA number of airports in the United States and around the world have undertaken or are in the process of developing sustainability programs. Some of these programs have been initiated voluntarily, while others have been required under state or local ordinances. Overall, there are numerous examples of sustainability guidelines and documents that are specific to certain airports, but to date there is no central repository of this information.

The Sustainable Aviation Guidance Alliance (SAGA) is a broad volunteer coalition of aviation interests formed in 2008 to assist airport operators of all sizes in planning, implementing, and maintaining a sustainability program. SAGA has undertaken an effort to consolidate existing guidelines and practices into a comprehensive, searchable resource that can be tailored to the unique requirements of individual airports of all sizes and in different climates/regions in the United States.

The application or implementation of sustainability practices is constantly evolving. SAGA intends for this document and the database to be a “living resource” that is updated periodically to capture new trends and initiatives.